Food & Wine

The art of taste


The Hotel La Pace offers its guests a restaurant, where you can taste the specialties of the Ciociarian territory. In fact, in the kitchen of the structure, the best raw materials of the territory are selected to create dishes that meet the tastes of all types of guests, from the most demanding to the simple gourmets. Savoring the creations of our chef, you will be amazed by the great variety of alternatives offered by our restaurant.


The guests can also enjoy excellent local products during the aperitifs with history, periodic meetings organized in the hotel, during which the local food and wine excellences are savored, retracing the salient episodes of the city's history.

The aperitif at Hotel La Pace presents itself as a moment of conviviality, which compares various generations and allows our staff to make known the most fascinating aspects of the area, both from the historical point of view and from the gastronomic point of view.


Among the hotels in Cassino, Hotel La Pace also stands out for its renowned restaurant, which, in addition to presenting good and genuine dishes, offers impeccable service.

Restaurant & Pizzeria

At the Hotel La Pace you can also enjoy delicious pizzas, choosing from a variety of flavors capable of satisfying even the sweet tooth, not just for dinner, but also as a teas to accompany our aperitifs, where taste and history come together.


Where at the time of the war the Gustav Line extended, bordered by barbed wire, today there are flourishing vineyards that dominate the mighty mountain of Cassino.

This peaceful landscape hides the intense force that made these places quake in 1944, the same force that is evoked today with every sip of Gustav Wine, with its robust and intense flavor. The star of our aperitifs with history, Gustav Wine is also a tasty souvenir to take home after staying at the Hotel La Pace.

In the centre of Cassino

The 3-star hotel situated in the centre of Cassino, at the foot ofMontecassino, can be easily reached from the train station and it’s4 kilometres far from the motorway A1-A2 Rome-Naples.

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